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1. Download a Cardano wallet

▫️A Crypto wallet gives you 100% ownership of your crypto & NFTs. You must have your own wallet to buy & sell NFTs. ▫️Make sure to securely save your seed phrase. ▫️There are many wallets, these are the ones most widely used.

▫️Vespr: Mobile wallet, great UI: https://vespr.xyz ▫️Gero : Desktop & mobile wallet: https://gerowallet.io/ ▫️Eternl: More robust, with advanced features: https://eternl.io/app/mainnet/faq

▫️Once you have Ada, set a 5₳ collateral in you wallet, found in your wallet settings. ▫️This may be necessary when using some DEXs and other Dapps on Cardano.

2. Fund your wallet

Two most common ways

  1. Buy directly through your Cardano wallet with your credit card.

  2. Through a Centralised exchange.

Exchange ▫️Once you have created an account, passed KYC, you can buy Ada and send to your Cardano wallet. ▫️We would advise you not to hold Crypto on a Centralised exchange, as who ever holds the keys (seed phrase) owns the Crypto. If something were to happen with an exchange, you may lose access to your Crypto.

Centralised Exchange ▫️Gemini: https://www.gemini.com/ ▫️Binance: https://www.binance.com/en ▫️Coinbase: https://www.coinbase.com/ ▫️Kraken: https://www.kraken.com/en-gb

Decentralized Exchange ▫️Changelly: https://changelly.com/ ▫️FixedFloat: https://fixedfloat.com/en/ ▫️ChangeNOW: https://changenow.io/

Swap from other chains ▫️Simpleswap This is a very easy way to move from one exchange to another, for example from Ada to Eth. We have found this to be among the cheapest to use.

--------- 3. SET COLLATERAL

▫️Set a 5₳ collateral in you wallet, found in your wallet settings. ▫️This may be necessary when using some DEXs and other Dapps on Cardano. --------- NFT TOOLS

NFT Marketplace ▫️This is where you can buy & sell NFTs. ▫️JPG is the main Cardano NFT marketplace: https://www.jpg.store/

Cswap Dex ▫️The first Dex for NFTs on Cardano. Instant liquidity: https://www.cswap.info/

NFT Ranking, Rarity & Roles ▫️CNFT.TOOLS The only site used by Cardano NFT projects for rarity: https://cnft.tools/ ▫️Most projects also use their services for Discord roles, which show authentic ownership of NFTs & Tokens. You will need to verify your wallet in their Discord. They have a lot of other great bots too. --------- TOKEN TOOLS

How to connect to a Dex or marketplace ▫️There will be a wallet in the top right. ▫️Click then connect and sign in.

Cardono Dex ▫️Used for buying Cardano native Tokens like our own token $pugchip ▫️Minswap is the most popular: https://app.minswap.org/swap

Dex Aggregator ▫️A dex aggregator will find the best price from all Cardano Dexes. ▫️Dexhunter: https://dexhunter.io/

Token Charts ▫️Taptools: https://www.taptools.io ▫️Used to track all Cardano Native Tokens (CNTS) ▫️You can trade directly on TapTools with Dexhunter. ---------

HOW TO FIND YOUR STAKE KEY Pool.pm Cardanoscan.io


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