1️⃣The ONE Platform

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ONE integrates various services and games into a singular platform, operating in synergy to offer unparalleled utility to projects, their tokens and holders. The ONE platform is poised to revolutionize the industry, with the first services launching in May. The first 2 services will begin testing mid April, with a planned launch in May. More games and services will follow there after. Once the ONE Platform is fully operational, there will be a huge benefit to using $one over other tokens. The only way to get them, is pre-sale, buying them on a DEX, or by staking Pugs & Yetis. The ONE Platform The One Platform will run on CREDITS. Which can be purchased using tokens.

  • PvP Coin Flip - 1 CREDIT.

  • PvP Trait wars - 1 CREDIT.

  • PvP Rock, Paper, Scissors - 1 CREDIT.

  • Fee for NFT Raffles - 2 CREDITS.

  • Fee for Token Raffles - 2 CREDITS.

  • Fee to set up a sweeping event - 3 CREDITS.

  • Fee to set up an Auction - 3 CREDITS.

  • Fee for a ONE wallet drop - 10 CREDITS.

  • Fee for setting up a listing on our token marketplace - 1 CREDIT.

There are a few other uses for the ONE Platform that don't use CREDITS. Staking & Minting. PvP GAMES Our PvP games will be unique and exciting, as once you have paid your CREDIT to play, you can either - wager an equal amount of $one tokens or - Both wager anything you like. For example: - 1 x Space Pug vs 10,000 $Pugchip - 1 x Boss Cat vs 1 x Smooth Yeti OG.

The value does not matter. If you are willing to play for it. Then you can wager it. This creates a very life like betting scenario. CREDIT PRICES - $one | 1 CREDIT = $1 USD in tokens. - $pugchip - $hexo | 1 CREDIT = $1.5 USD in tokens. - All other tokens | 1 CREDIT = $2 USD. - Own Space Pug + Smooth Yeti OG or RA + Cardano Lands Land | All tokens | 1 CREDIT = $1 USD. 50% of $one tokens used to buy credits burned. 25% of all other tokens used to buy credits returned to project (profit share model)

Burned tokens sent to a locked smart contract enabled wallet. Which provides a burn mechanism of all tokens used on The ONE Platform.

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