⚑Space Pugs

Owning just 1 of our Futuristic V2 Space Pugs, gives you access to 16 weekly Poker freerolls, discounted Personal Training, Staking for our token $pugchip, Monthly raffle entries, 70% discount on tx fees for our In house built cash game Poker Platform. Every utility in our project contributes to the deflation of our V2 collection & Token $Pugchip. One of the largest deflationary mechanisms is our Custom V2 Pugs. Where you exchange 5 V2 Pugs for a fully custom V2 Pug, that you get to create, using the traits from the 5 exchanged Pugs. All 5 V2 will be burned. All Custom V2 Pugs are 1/1's.

Space Pugs Summary

▫️ Incredible Unique looking PFP ▫️ Poker Platform using our own token ▫️ 16 Poker Freerolls per week ▫️Ada & $Pugchip buy in poker tournaments ▫️ Create your own Custom V2 Pugs ▫️ Discounted Personal Training ▫️ Staking for $Pugchip ▫️ Custom Merch store, with your own pugs ▫️ First Cardano project on 3Look (fast meme creation) ▫️ Multiple deflationary burn mechanisms for V2 & $Pugchip, coming from our utilities & royalties ▫️ Weekly & Monthly raffles ▫️Diamond Hand Community ▫️8 Divisions, each with different staking rewards

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