✍️Smooth Yetis Project Summary

Smooth Yetis are evolving whilst getting back to basics. Everyone first came for the Art & Community. It's time to bring back the best of what made Yetis great, whilst improving everything. Time to reduce the collections, and focus on the collections that brought in the OG holders, whilst providing great staking rewards. Plus lots of games to keep you entertained.

Trimming down the collections Once we have made the transition there will be just 3 collections remaining. OG / RA / CUSTOMS. How this will done can be seen in the Graphic above. Staking rewards for $one We are building a powerhouse of s games & services platform, which will be powered by $one. There will be a pre-sale in June. OG / RA & CUSTOMS will all earn staking rewards in $one.

Custom OG & RA YETIS Yes that right, you can now create your own custom Yeti. This also reduces the supply by 5 for each one created. Daily Games We have plenty of daily games in our ONE Discord, Poker, Gartic, Rumble, Smash Karts and Trivia Meme Creation Smooth Yetis are on https://3look.io/ under stickers.

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