Here is everything you need to know to play poker on Space Pugs Poker.

♠️ Disclaimer This is our BETA release. It has been tested and is running smoothly. There could be unexpected bugs. If you find anything or there are issues please post in platform testing in Space Pugs. Our Poker platform is being built for the Cardano community. Anyone with a Nami or Eternl wallet can play as long as you have $pugchip.

As a new player, you can buy pugchips on a dex or purchase space pugs assets, stake them with Mutants and start earning $pugchips.

Platform Currency $pugchip policy id: 5ec2e9813fa385d9333d18186d8257d1b3ebea97bdec2dad74026d8d

Game Types. ▫️At launch we will have 2 forms of Texas HoldΒ΄em gameplay: ▫️Ring Games: non-tournament poker game played with real in-game chips at stake. These will be set up with default blinds and have a seat limit and minimum/maximum buy-in. ▫️Head 2 Head: These will be private tables set up for 1 v 1 games. These will be set up with default blinds and have a seat limit and minimum/maximum buy-in. User Authentication, Chip Wallets and Cashier ▫️The user authentication will be done by connecting your Nami or Eternl wallet. If connecting for the first time, it will create a new user record in the database with the stake key stored as your unique user id. Lookups and transactions will use your original wallet address for transactions.

▫️The cashier will work very much like Minswap faucets where you can exchange your Fungible Tokens, for In-Game Poker Chips 1 to 1. A tx fee will be taken on deposits based on the assets you hold in your wallet. See the fees section below.

▫️Token Deposits If you are getting this error when trying to deposit tokens, this will be due to how the tx is created. To fix this issue, please send the desired amount of tokens and 9 Ada to yourself then try again. The issue should be resolved.

▫️Token Withdrawals You are free to withdraw any token amount you wish at any time. We will have to verify all withdrawals and accept them in our Admin panel. There will be a 2 Ada fee for all withdrawals to cover the MinUTxO & rebalancing.

▫️Tx Fees Breakdown Remember we are rake free, so once you ay your tx fee, there is nothing more to pay, paying rake becomes very expensive in comparison.

NFT / Non/holderFee

Space Pugs V2

5 Ada


15 Ada

Alpha Special Edition

5 Ada

Full Hand

7 Ada

Plus MinUTxO

1.15 Ada

Withdrawal fee

2 Ada

▫️Nickname & NFT Profile Picture At launch, you will be able to use a Space Pugs V2 that you hold in the connected wallet, and also update your nickname too. You can only update your nickname once you have selected your PFP. If you do not have a Pug to use, then you will be given a generic username and V2 Pug PFP. We will be added other projects PFPs in the future. ▫️Miscellaneous

If for any reason you encounter any issues like your balance hasn't updated, or your PFP hasn't updated, simply refresh the page and you should be good to go.

▫️Reporting Please report any issues by opening a ticket in our Discord, or inside our Platform testing chat, which is underneath the main chat, and provide a full description of what happened, please include screen shots too if possible.

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