Futuristic PFP Art Incredible futuristic PFP art, like no other project on Cardano ROYALTIES 100% of royalties used to benefit holders: 40% added to Monthly raffle. https://x.com/spacepugs_/status/1757377250905731490?s=20 30% Buy & Burn V2 Pugs 30% Buy & Burn $Pugchip STAKING Staking for our utility token $pugchip - Mutants Fly-Wheel staking: $pugchip LP staking coming once we mint the last V2 Pugs. Future staking for $smooth token from Smooth Yetis. Plus compounded staking through partners of The ONE PLATFORM. We see Pugs have earning many tokens from our partners.

POKER Rake Free Poker Platform - https://spacepugs.app/ 70% Discount on tx fees. 50% to project development 20% added to Monthly raffle. https://x.com/spacepugs_/status/1757377250905731490?s=20 15% Buy & Burn V2 Pugs 15% Buy & Burn $Pugchip 16 Freerolls per week, also available to TA community. CUSTOM V2 PUGS Custom Created V2 Pugs - Created from 5 x V2 - with all 5 being burned. 760 burned in our 1st month post mint. MERCH Custom Clothing store - Each custom V2 can be added to clothing for FREE. 25% profit goes to the owner of the Custom Pug. GM HANDS We have all 32 body GM hands created for you to use.

PERSONAL TRAINING FREE Online Personal Training - Powered by https://kahunas.io/ - multiple workouts - 6 weeks of classes. Industry leading recipes.

3LOOK MEME CREATION Use your V2 to create Memes on https://3look.io/ - simply input your serial number. Space Pugs are the 1st Cardano NFT project to join their platform.

CROSS CHAIN Cross Chain coming Q2 2024 - We cut 500 from the supply to achieve this.

DEFLATIONARY MECHANISMS Continually deflating supply coming from multiple burn mechanisms including our Poker Platform fees, Marketplace Royalties, Custom Pugs, more TBA. Over 13% supply of V2 burned in the first 6 weeks. 7% of the supply of $pugchip burned.

RAFFLES Weekly Space Pugs V2 Raffle - powered by @Gefi Bot bot gamification. Entries into our Monthly Raffle, which is funded with Poker Platform fees, Marketplace Royalties, $pugchip from re-buys, added NFTs.

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